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REST API automation with PowerShell in Azure

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Power BI REST API opens a wealth of capabilities in consuming metadata about your content as well as batch processing of security changes, content deployment and backups of deployed reports. Although I talk specifically about Power BI, these methods...


Spinning plates and Power BI Licensing

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s been a few months now since I last blogged, here or on SQLShack. I started as a Data Engineer with Incremental Group back in March and with SQLGLA prep heating up and the Call for Speakers blowing up my...

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I published a PowerShell Module!

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve been working with Power BI metadata a lot lately. Analysing and sourcing information about the security, content and workspaces we hold and I always found myself re-using authentication code or I’d end up approaching problems differently as my PowerShell...