Reporting Services 2016 URL Format changes

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A small change to remember when looking to upgrade to SQL & Reporting Services 2016 or above is a change to the Report Manager URL format.

If you have any apps or custom scripts that build or use existing report URLs (for 2014 & below) you should be ok as the old format is still valid (…for now?) & appears to redirect internally, rendering the report with the new URL.

Here’s an example:

2016: http://……/reports/report/FOLDERNAME/REPORT%20NAME

up to 2014: http://……/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=%2fFOLDERNAME%2fREPORT+NAME&ViewMode=Detail

You may be happy to hear though that the ReportServer URL format remains the same.

PS. As updated in this previous post, this issue/quirk still applies in 2016!

Hope this helps!


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