SQLBits 2019

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I still intend on writing a longer, more detailed post on how I got into public speaking and how I’d like to support and help others too, with my experiences and the DATA:Scotland newcomer sessions but a “Thank you” was already overdue.

Just over a week ago, on Friday 1st March I presented my session on Power BI and PowerShell: A match made in Heaven to delegates at Europe’s largest Data community conference, SQLBits. To me, that is a HUGE deal! It was only a few years ago I was attending SQLBits as a newbie in #sqlfamily. To be speaking at such a large, popular event was an honour and I hope I get accepted in future years.

I also wanted to thank all the organisers, for an impressively smooth event, even seeing behind the curtain as a volunteer, it was so well organised. Nice work Steph, Annette and Jonathan and all the other volunteers!

There was also a lot of fantastic sessions this year and I am excited to dive into the recordings for sessions I missed, which are out ALREADY!!

If you attended SQLBits you may have also seen me at the Community Corner where we talked to people about where to find user groups for many different technologies and upcoming data events in the UK. If not, here’s a reminder:

Data In Devon 27th April 2019

Data & Gravy 27th April 2019

DATA:Scotland 13th September 2019

DataRelay 7 – 11th October 2019

Thanks to everyone for another great ‘Bits!

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