SQL Server 2016 Training Lab

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This training lab provided by Microsoft for the new SQL Server 2016 Mobile reporting functionality turned out to be a great tool for pulling together a quick Proof of Concept. I hope this info helps someone with the same task.

When I completed the lab on a local SQL 2016 instance (instead of the Lab VM) I was able to easily demonstrate the new functionality in SSRS through the Report Manager interface & the iOS PowerBI app.

  • The script files can be pulled out of the lab VM by logging into a web email client within the VM (Yes it has full internet access??!!) and mailing them to yourself. Please dont type out all the stored procs like I did with the first few!
  • I picked up a copy of the AdventureWorks DB here. Its the CTP3 version but that seems to be the most recent.
  • The version of SQL 2016  I used is RC0
  • The lab, along with quite a few others, can be found here:

Once completed you will have created 2 KPIs & a Mobile Report.

Here is how they look on the PowerBI iOS app:

PowerBI_SSRS_MobileReport_P PowerBI_SSRS_Home


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