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My break time browsing list for 3rd Dec

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After publishing the first few posts in my series on CI/CD for Azure Data Factory, I got stuck into the next installment, released yesterday, on how to handle Integration runtimes (which argueably should have come first🤫). This will be my last break time browsing of 2020. I won’t stop reading, watching, and learning over the festive period but there’s lots more to keep me busy so this is a big one and the first ones may keep you going this month anyway. See you in the new year!

Here’s what I’ve been reading and watching this week:

Advent Calendar learning

There’s a few of these daily “events” taking place just now which is great to see. It’s a really fun way to learn and engage with the community. Here’s what I’ve been getting stuck into. If you can recommend any others, let me know in the comments.

🎅 Advent of Code

This is an annual coding event that presents challenges every day in the lead up to christmas. I doubt I’ll have the time to do them all as previous years, but it’s worth taking a look. You are presented with problems and you can use any programming language to solve it so it’s really flexible and open to lots of communities. It’s also a great way to hone your problem solving skills.

🎄 Festive Tech Calendar

Following on from it’s inception last year as Azure Advent Calendar, the Festive Tech Calendar is set to be packed full of great sessions bothg technical and non-technical alike. Check it out.

🍫 12 Days of Chocolatey

I’m a huge fan of Chocolatey but I know my use is only the tip of the iceberg. This event is 12 days of live and webinar sessions on all things Chocolatey. Check out the agenda on the link above. If you miss any, it looks like they’re all recorded and can be found on Chocolatey’s YouTube page

PowerShell tricks about Hash tables and arrays I wish I knew when I started

by Przemysław Kłys

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Working with some painful hash tables and arrays lately, I stumbled onto this post by Przemysław. It’s a refreshing take on improving your PowerShell skills and a few good tips in there for me too. Maybe, rather than sweeping all my old scripts under the rug I should pull them out and refactor, showing a better way to write them and how everyone is always learning. Thanks Przemysław

Incremental Data loading through ADF using Change Tracking

by Sucharita Das

Working with all sorts of different approaches to merging data, depending on the source, available content and platforms, this is a nice How-to on using change tracking in SQL Server. Thanks Sucharita

Geeks on Screens with Coffee

by Mark Pryce-Maher

I caught up with Mark on his “ Geeks on Screens with Coffee” show in the first season. He’s been catching up with a lot of community members since then and it’s a crime I haven’t shared a link yet as I catch most episodes. They’re great for a bit of banter. Have a dig through the playlist below which will run the most recent episode.

What If Earth got Kicked Out of the Solar System? 

Here’s another great video from Kurzgesagt that’s quite fitting for this whole year. It’s only really depressing if you plan on living a few hundred thousand years though.

Thanks and have a great festive season!



My break time browsing list for 22nd Oct
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I’m continuing the theme of #Hacktoberfest this week with another link on contributing to open source down the bottom.
My break time browsing list for 5th Nov
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This week saw the end of Hacktoberfest, so I hope you managed to get your four pull requests in before Sunday (assuming you were participating).
My break time browsing list for 8th Oct
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Last week we had SQLBits running, virtually, from Tuesday through Saturday.