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My break time browsing list for 5th Nov

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This week saw the end of Hacktoberfest, so I hope you managed to get your four pull requests in before Sunday (assuming you were participating). I’ve been working more in Databricks this week but my browsing list this week doesn’t reflect that. This week has more been about branching out and getting more info on existing personal projects.

Here’s what I’ve been reading and watching this week:

The Azure Podcast

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The Azure Podcast was recommended to me by Paul Andrew this week. I’ve only had time to listen to part of one episode so far but it’s going on my listen list. I’m always eager to find new methods and sources to keep up to date with new tech etc. If you have any more suggestions, jump into the comments. in a new tab)

Azure Data Fest

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I only just happened upon a tweet about this event and the account on Twitter. If you’re looking for an Azure data fix next friday (13th), jump over to Eventbrite to sign up and if you do attend, let me know how it was in the comments. Thanks organisers for more community learning resources.

Azure Data Factory activity icons updated

by Paul Andrew

With the very recent update to all of the Data Factory activity icons, Paul has updated his Azure Data Factory Visio svg files. This ties in well with something I’m working on (more on this soon). Thanks Paul 👍

How to present remotely

by Sarah Lean

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Here’s a great video from a friend of mine, Sarah, who has been creating tons of great content lately. Remote presenting is something I have struggled to enjoy this year so this is a nice collection of tips to help you feel more at ease and engaged with a remote audience. Thanks Sarah!

Binging with Babish: Brie & Butter Baguettes from Twin Peaks

Mmmmmmm food! If I make this I’ll add an update pic of the bread (not me in a food coma).

Have a great weekend!



My break time browsing list for 22nd Oct
·314 words·2 mins
I’m continuing the theme of #Hacktoberfest this week with another link on contributing to open source down the bottom.
My break time browsing list for 8th Oct
·311 words·2 mins
Last week we had SQLBits running, virtually, from Tuesday through Saturday.
My break time browsing list for 3rd Sept
·345 words·2 mins
This past week I’ve been digging about in Azure Databricks and Delta lake while doing some last minute study for Microsoft’s DP-200 exam which I sat, and passed on Monday.