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My break time browsing list for 19th Nov

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There was no break time browsing list last week, you may have noticed. As we all struggle with coronavirus restrictions, my kids’ nursery was closed for two weeks, adding a little more pressure to our family. With two toddlers to wrangle, there’s not a lot of time or motivation left over for nerding out. I’m right out the gate this week though, with lots of videos covering Python, terraform, and a blog post series in the works, not to mention Data & AI Summit taking place this week! It’s information overload!

Here’s what I’ve been reading and watching this week:

A Python Primer for SQL Server DBAs

by André Kamman

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André’s first YouTube video (I couldn’t believe it!) is a great introduction to Python. As a Python student myself, it’s really refreshing to hear some comparisons to PowerShell (❤) which I’m also more at home with. I’ll be watching Andre’s github repo to see how this tool progresses and I hope I can contribute too, when time allows. Thanks André!

Data & AI Summit Europe

A big announcement from Databricks just before the Data & AI Summit was SQL Analytics. Check out the announcement here or catch the keynote video below that talks more about the Data Lakehouse too. I caught a few sessions on Wednesday that have really inspired some ideas that I’ll hopefully get time to blog about in the near future.

Infrastructure as Code - An Introduction to Terraform

by John Martin

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John gives a great intro to Terraform and Infrastructure-as-code in general. It’s something I’m coming into contact with more and more recently so John’s user group session is well timed. Thanks John!



My break time browsing list for 22nd Oct
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I’m continuing the theme of #Hacktoberfest this week with another link on contributing to open source down the bottom.
My break time browsing list for 8th Oct
·311 words·2 mins
Last week we had SQLBits running, virtually, from Tuesday through Saturday.
My break time browsing list for 1st Oct
·195 words·1 min
With a well-timed (but much needed) holiday last week I’m just catching up with all the exciting announcements and news coming out of Microsoft’s Ignite conference.