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My break time browsing list for 17th Sept

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As a change of pace this week, while I study for the DP-201 exam I’ve been browsing some different content outside of my data engineering bubble. No videos this week but a good selection of content. Enjoy

Here’s what I’ve been reading and watching this week:

Ansible Certified Content Collection for Chocolatey

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As a data engineer, this isn’t something I need to worry about but Paul goes into lots of detail on using Ansible and Chocolatey together to remotely manage a windows estate. I’m a big fan of Chocolatey for maintaining my own machine but also any development VMs I may need so this was an interesting article on how to expand on and further automate Chocolatey.

Hunting High and Log

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Richard’s post caught my eye on Twitter earlier this month but I just got around to reading it last night. As a huge fan of PowerShell, it’s my first stop but it’s always good to see the benefits and drawbacks of other options to do the same tasks. Richard talks about using DMVs to get your database file info. This is one for the “scripts” folder! I also enjoy Richard’s writing style which is easy to read 👍.

Preparing for and Taking Microsoft Exam DP-201 (Designing an Azure Data Solution)

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Another one of Cathrine’s fantastic posts on exam prep, this time for the DP-201 that I am preparing for. Cathrine covers off all the resources you’ll need to study and pass Microsoft’s DP-201 exam: Designing an Azure Data Solution.

AMA with the Azure Synapse Analytics team

I didn’t manage to make this AMA on reddit live but reading back through the comments, replies and info, there’s a lot of interesting scenarios and info. It’s well worth a dig into for some real world discussions on Azure Synapse Analytics.

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