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My break time browsing list for 10th Sept

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This week’s posts have a bit of a theme around Delta Lake with another video walk through from Simon Whiteley and a complimentary post from Ron L’Esteve.

Here’s what I’ve been reading and watching this week:

Azure Synapse Analytics - Mapping Data Flows & Delta!

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Another great video guide from Simon Whiteley of Advancing Analytics. Simon goes into a a lot of detail on setting up dynamic mapping data flows inside Azure Synapse Analytics and outputting to delta lake inside Data Factory. Most relevant to me is the “why” on using mapping data flows over databricks, making pipelines easier to support. Thanks again Simon!

Getting Started with Delta Lake Using Azure Data Factory

by Ron L’Esteve

This post by Ron is a similar walk-through of setting up mapping data flows in Azure Data Factory pushing data to Delta lake tables. It’s great to see two perspectives on a similar process across two different mediums too. Let me know which one clicked with you more in the comments.

Unlimited Resources From Space – Asteroid Mining


This is another YouTube channel that I keep up to date with. Kurzgesagt is brilliant for making educational and informative videos in a fun way. This is my most recent watch and a great explanation on the feasibility and benefits of asteroid mining.

Thanks for checking out this week’s break-time browsing



My break time browsing list for 27th Aug
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I find inspiration, solutions and ideas from blog posts and videos that the data, and wider tech community have taken the time to create and share.
My break time browsing list for 3rd Sept
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This past week I’ve been digging about in Azure Databricks and Delta lake while doing some last minute study for Microsoft’s DP-200 exam which I sat, and passed on Monday.