Reporting Services 2016 behind a Network Load Balancer 4

Reporting Services 2016 behind a Network Load Balancer

UPDATE 1 (19/07/2016): After posting this to twitter last night I got some instant help from the Senior Program Manager for SSRS at Microsoft. Thanks to Riccardo Muti for the info. I will update here again when Ive been able to...

Power BI Logo 0

Add Embedded code to PowerBI dashboard

This is something I pulled in during a recent PoC of PowerBI. Its a very powerful built in feature of PowerBI that, I feel, has one visual draw back that I will document towards the end of this post. I...


SSRS 2016 Brand Package breakdown

Starting with SQL Server 2016 you have the ability to customise the SSRS Report Manager’s look & feel. This comes in the form of applying a “Brand Package”. Its not free reign over the css for the site but its...


SPN & Delegation backup script

I use SPNs quite extensively to allow Reporting Services to talk to databases severs,  Sharepoint etc. It’s a core component of any new server setup I perform. We also employ Kerberos delegation that allows credentials to be passed down from the...

Microsoft Virtual Labs 0

SQL Server 2016 Training Lab

This training lab provided by Microsoft for the new SQL Server 2016 Mobile reporting functionality turned out to be a great tool for pulling together a quick Proof of Concept. I hope this info helps someone with the same task. When...

SSRS Report Name case driven from URL 1

SSRS Report Name case driven from URL

UPDATE: This issue still exists in SQL Server 2016. This is more of a formatting bug (read: undocumented feature) that I discovered in SSRS 2014 that no doubt exists in all previous iterations. It was initially discovered in SharePoint integrated...

New Site Hosting 0

New Site Hosting

After a long and tiresome process I have secured a new host & should be able to get content out of the old MySQL database that imploded on the last host in no time! (famous last words!)