My break time browsing list for 8th Oct

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Last week we had SQLBits running, virtually, from Tuesday through Saturday. I managed to catch a few good sessions live and supported the event by moderating Tomaz Kastrun‘s precon on the Wednesday. I was originally scheduled to speak at SQLBits back in April but with the change of dates and lockdown restrictions I just didn’t have the time to prepare and record my session for the virtual event although if you spotted my session on the original schedule, you can now catch me at DataWeekender on 17th Oct.

Also, if you’re not already sick of me saying, it’s Hacktoberfest Scotland this weekend. 10th October from 12pm till 4/5pm. New or not so new to git/open source, join us either way. We have three great sessions, lots of channels and a great community.

Here’s what I’ve been reading and watching this week:

Testing Azure Data Factory in your CI/CD pipeline

Paul Andrew shared this link to Richard’s blog during his SQLBits session on Using Azure DevOps for Azure Data Factory , where I started grilling him on testing in ADF. Richard gives a great step by step walk-through of setting up an Azure DevOps pipeline for automated functional testing (written in C#) and further detailed in previous posts in his series.

Microsoft Open Source projects

With Hacktoberfest in full swing, one of the areas I wanted to concentrate on contributing to was bringing more PowerShell example code snippets to Microsoft docs, as Brett Miller highlighted a lack of recently.

Happy contributing!

Continuous integration and delivery in Azure Databricks

Continuing my recent theme of automation and DevOps I came across this post by Aniket Prashar. I love a good diagram and this one in Aniket’s post does a great job in summarising the process he then goes onto describing. Thanks Aniket!

0.1 Azure Databricks DevOps workflow

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