My break time browsing list for 19th Nov

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There was no break time browsing list last week, you may have noticed. As we all struggle with coronavirus restrictions, my kids’ nursery was closed for two weeks, adding a little more pressure to our family. With two toddlers to wrangle, there’s not a lot of time or motivation left over for nerding out. I’m right out the gate this week though, with lots of videos covering Python, terraform, and a blog post series in the works, not to mention Data & AI Summit taking place this week! It’s information overload!

Here’s what I’ve been reading and watching this week:

A Python Primer for SQL Server DBAs

by André Kamman

André’s first YouTube video (I couldn’t believe it!) is a great introduction to Python. As a Python student myself, it’s really refreshing to hear some comparisons to PowerShell (❤) which I’m also more at home with. I’ll be watching Andre’s github repo to see how this tool progresses and I hope I can contribute too, when time allows. Thanks André!

Data & AI Summit Europe

A big announcement from Databricks just before the Data & AI Summit was SQL Analytics. Check out the announcement here or catch the keynote video below that talks more about the Data Lakehouse too. I caught a few sessions on Wednesday that have really inspired some ideas that I’ll hopefully get time to blog about in the near future.

Infrastructure as Code – An Introduction to Terraform

by John Martin

John gives a great intro to Terraform and Infrastructure-as-code in general. It’s something I’m coming into contact with more and more recently so John’s user group session is well timed. Thanks John!


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