My break time browsing list for 15th Oct

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Following a brilliant Hacktoberfest Scotland on Saturday 10th Oct, I’ve been in an out of some open-source projects this past week lining up some repos I want to contribute to for Hacktoberfest while preparing for the DataWeekender conference this coming Saturday, so it’s a short (and late) post today.

I did have time to check out some of the #TSQL2sday posts for this month though.

Here’s what I’ve been reading and watching this week:

Data Culture: Experts and Expertise

by Matthew Roche

This is a great topic that is all too often forgotten or overlooked and Matthew champions a “data culture” so well. I’m really looking forward to Matthew talking for the Glasgow Data User Group in December (link YBC) on this topic. Thanks for the video Matthew!

T-SQL Tuesday #131: Data Analogies, or: Explain Databases Like I’m Five!

by Shane O’Neill

Shane’s contribution to TSQL Tuesday is a detailed and concise read and it gave me a good laugh. Not sure about your spelling of whisky Shane but you should definitely write more blogs like this! 😉😂

Thats it from me this week,


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