Money for Pain!

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UPDATE: So this is a little late but just wanted to say Thank you to everyone who donated towards this astonishing total of £830!! For anyone interested, I also smashed my PB by 9 minutes! Finishing in 01:46:20!

The good news is this is not a technical post. The bad is I want your money! Its for a good cause though so Please read on!

My dad was diagnosed with Asbestosis less than 2 years ago and its caused his lungs to essentially harden, restricting breathing and lowering the oxygen in his blood. He gets out of breath at the slightest movement now so its been a huge change from his usual active lifestyle. As a Master plasterer he wasnt one to sit at a desk all day or even sit still at all so this early retirement has been a big adjustment.

Clydeside Action on Asbestos has been a great help, providing support & information to people like my dad, helping them claim the benefits they deserve as well as providing support meetings and information on things like breathing classes to help manage his shortness of breath.

I want to raise money to help them provide this kind of support for victims & families affected by Asbestos related illnesses as well as raise awareness by running my second half-marathon ever, this year at the Great Scottish Run on 2nd October 2016! I hope to raise a lofty target of £250 & your help would be much appreciated!

This will be a huge undertaking for me having only been running for 3 years and Ill try to document my training on my JustGiving page below and here on this post but in short you’re paying for my pain! so much pain!


I know there’s a million charities out there that people can give to and thousands that mean more to others too but if you could even chuck in £1 or $1 or any currency that would mean so much to me, my dad & especially CAA!
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If you got this far..Thanks for reading! & thanks again if you can contribute too!!



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