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Administering SSRS with PowerShell

Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ve covered a lot of SSRS security tasks using PowerShell over on SQL Shack where I connect directly using the New-WebServiceProxy command. For T-SQL Tuesday I wanted to do a quick comparison between my original method and the official Reporting Services...

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AD Group Auditing with Powershell

Reading Time: 6 minutes Here’s another handy Powershell script Ive created. It borrows components from another(credited at the bottom of the post) and expands on the repadmin functionality in the Active Directory Powershell module. The main aim of this is to keep track of...


SPN & Delegation backup script

Reading Time: 3 minutes I use SPNs quite extensively to allow Reporting Services to talk to databases severs,  Sharepoint etc. It’s a core component of any new server setup I perform. We also employ Kerberos delegation that allows credentials to be passed down from the...