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My break time browsing list for 30th Oct

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week’s list is a little late as I wanted to make a last-minute addition of Shane’s post at the top there, just published yesterday. Also, it’s been a slow week for learning as I concentrate on some work projects...

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Progress towards a work/life balance

Reading Time: 6 minutes January Update – Its now late-January and I’m only just publishing this post which is perfect evidence of the endless struggle to find time to fit everything in. I wanted to publish it before the new year which obviously didnt...


Starting and running a technical user group (isn’t easy)

Reading Time: 10 minutes   I’d just like to preface this post with the fact that everything I mention was by no means a solo effort. I want to share my experiences of building and running a user group. So much of that is...


SQLBits 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes I still intend on writing a longer, more detailed post on how I got into public speaking and how I’d like to support and help others too, with my experiences and the DATA:Scotland newcomer sessions but a “Thank you” was...

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This is NOT a New Year’s Resolution

Reading Time: 5 minutes The single, finite resource in all my achievements and responsibilities is time. Does anyone know where I can find more?


Glasgow Hacktoberfest Workshop

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Paul Broadwith (@Pauby)& I (@CPorteous) are running a Hacktoberfest workshop on Saturday the 27th of October @ Incremental Group, the Garment Factory, Montrose St, Glasgow Who is it for? If you’ve never used version control before, played around with...


Speaking at SQLGrillen

Reading Time: 6 minutes SQLShack recently published a blog post I wrote on contributing to “the” community, the SQL community in my case. In that article I concentrated heavily on blogging as the medium, not speaking. I always saw bloging and helping people on...