Category: Azure


The Purpose and Pain of Azure Resource Locks

Reading Time: 4 minutes Azure Resource locks are a feature available in Azure to prevent the removal or change of resources within an Azure tenant (depending on which type of lock is applied). They can be applied to subscriptions, resource groups or just individual...


REST API automation with PowerShell in Azure

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Power BI REST API opens a wealth of capabilities in consuming metadata about your content as well as batch processing of security changes, content deployment and backups of deployed reports. Although I talk specifically about Power BI, these methods...


Retrieve Azure Tenant Id using PowerShell

Reading Time: < 1 minute CodeSnippets #1 I have an idea to do a series of short blog posts over the year with helpful PowerShell functions, SQL code or problems I’ve encountered. The kind of thing I wouldn’t bother writing about as it would barely...