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Craig Porteous

Craig Porteous

I share Data & AI insights and speak, organise, and blog to empower the data community


Databricks Notebooks in Microsoft Fabric
·384 words·2 mins
Calling Databricks Notebooks from Data Factory Pipelines # You may have noticed a new activity in your data factory pipelines, in Fabric.
Data Engineering in Microsoft Fabric
·624 words·3 mins
Lets explore the Data Engineering experience in Microsoft Fabric
Data Sharing and secure Clean Rooms with Delta
·709 words·4 mins
Fresh from the DATA & AI Summit, I take a look at some key announcements including a secure sharing feature called Clean Rooms
The Purpose and Pain of Azure Resource Locks
·816 words·4 mins
Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should
Design an Azure Data Platform that InfoSec will love - Azure Storage
·1266 words·6 mins
Another in my Secure Data Platform series, I look at storage this time
Design an Azure Data Platform that InfoSec will love - Azure Databricks
·1000 words·5 mins
In the first post of this series, I set out the foundation of our secure Data Lakehouse.
Design an Azure Data Platform that InfoSec will love
·655 words·4 mins
Reference architectures are great!
Adventures in CI/CD with Azure Synapse - Data Toboggan session
·35 words·1 min
This video session was recorded during Data Toboggan and introduces the concepts of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) before going on to cover everything you need to know to deploy Azure Synapse artifacts.
Mapping Data Personas to your Data Platform
·1211 words·6 mins
“Data Maturity is the measure of an organisations ability to successfully utilise the data they create to make data-driven decisions.